Reunions And Gatherings That You Should Plan This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get together with those special people that you haven't seen in a while. This may include outings with family or friends during summer vacations, or it may involve hosting an impromptu event to get everyone together. Don't let another year go by without reaching out to the people in your past; plan and put together these memory-making reunions this summer:

Military reunions

Plan a military reunion this summer for those that you, or your loved-one, have served with in the military. Be sure to invite military friends and guests far enough ahead to provide ample time for planning transportation and lodging, if needed; a great idea when accommodating a crowd might be to rent out a block of campsites or to transform a field or pasture into a campground for the reunion, providing tents for guests that want to sleep-over.  Another highlight is to rent out audio visual equipment from party rental companies like Center Stage AV AV Rentals, and show videos and footage from prior reunions and gatherings.

Family reunions

Summer is a great time for a family reunion, and there are many different types of parties and gatherings to consider. For instance, plan an ocean-front party with a huge lobster bake on the beach, or a wonderful carnival-themed fiesta in a local park. Order silk-screened tee shirts with the family name and date to identify family members at your event, while also providing each guest with their own personal party favor from the occasion.

Kids' class gatherings

A great way to get your kids excited about the coming school year is to host an event or party for the members of the child's class prior to starting school. Invite the kids, via their parents, to a bowling party, summer picnic, or a fun day at a water-park. Give out school supplies and goody bags full of pencils, pens, or stickers, to further get the kids hyped about the coming school year.

Sorority and Fraternity reunions

If it has been a while since your college days, this could be the summer to get together with your Greek sisters and brothers at a reunion. Most alumni associations will have current contact information for those that you were in frats or sororities with, and sending out "evites" via email may be the easiest way to reach out to these folks. If possible, plan the event near the college campus or in the same region, for even more memories and meaning for your attendees.

Wedding party reunion gatherings

For a truly memorable event, invite the people that stood up for you at your wedding to a reunion this summer. Host an elegant soiree, or a fun tavern "crawl" for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and friends that will provide an opportunity to reminisce about your wedding day, while also catching up with what everyone has been doing since. Plan to give guests sentimental favors that may echo what you gave them when they stood up for you, such as engraved mementos or meaningful photos.

Make this the summer that you want to get together with loved ones, reunite with military brothers and sisters, or acquaint your child with their upcoming classmates. Plan outdoor events at home, in parks, or at area venues that offers sites to host, party, entertain, and enjoy getting together with these special people. Talk with party planners and rental companies to ensure you have everything in place for your sentimental reunion or memorable gathering this summer!