5 Tips For Your Next Team Building Company Outing

Every now and then, an office needs a good team building exercise to remind everyone that they are part of a whole. If your company is overdue for a team building outing, check out these five tips that can help make yours a success.

Get People Excited

Surprises can be fun, but a lot of people hate them, and if you're planning on creating a team building outing for your employees, you want them to come. If you keep all the details secret, people may not want to go. However, if you tell them what to expect, they'll be more excited to attend, especially when you tell them the types of games you're playing and the types of prizes people can win. Getting people excited does two things. Firstly, it ensures people want to go, and secondly, it gives them something to remember fondly about work and coworkers.

Make Sure There's Something to Learn

Having fun with all your coworkers is well and good, but when there is something to learn out of the event, it is more beneficial for the company as a whole. This is why team building exercises are so popular. At the very least, employees learn about working together as a team to accomplish a goal. After the activity, it's important to come together as a group to discuss what everyone learned from the task and how that can help them in their daily work. For example, a shy employee may realize that during the exercise, their input helped win. In turn, this may give them more confidence to speak up in meetings.

Travel Together

Whether your company outing is during the workday or not, it's best to help everyone get to where you're going. One benefit to this is that it ensures everyone stays together and remains on schedule. A second benefit is that it gives everyone more time to interact on a more casual level, allowing everyone to get to know each other better. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it removes the stress of getting there. Some employees may not have a reliable mode of transportation, or they may not know where to go. If you charter a bus or vans, you ensure people are more likely to attend and just have fun.

Stay Professional

A company outing can be a grey scenario. You may not be working or even at your office, but you are still representing your company, and if you are getting paid for the event, you are working. It's easy, however, to forget this, especially if alcohol is involved. People may relax more than normal, but how much is too much? Make sure not to let things get out of hand, and if alcohol is involved, create an adequate limit, so people are less likely to overindulge. It's also a good idea to avoid events that are alcohol-themed, such as a wine tasting as this can be seen as an approval to drink too much.

Consider Inviting Families

One of the best ways to get employees to attend work events is by inviting their families. This is particularly true if the event takes place on weekends, and if you have employees with young children. If a lot of your employees have families, it may be better to create a free, fun, family outing. The employees could still have team building exercises, while everyone else has fun, eats food and plays games.

Team building is a must for any company because it helps reinforce the ancient lesson of teamwork. If you would like more information about team building exercises, contact party planners in your area today to get a quote.